Amity Brill

Amity Brill. 22.
I suppose you can say I used to be a caged bird.
But aren't freed birds supposed to fly away?
I haven't quite found out how to do that.

For all of its uncertainty, we cannot flee the future.
-Barbara Jordan

Note: This blog used to be for Amity Brill, District 5 victor of the Hunger Games. Some threads and verses will still remain and if you'd like to interact with Hunger Games Amity just say so.

[RP purposes only, I'm not Emma Stone or associated with her.
Open role play, multi-verse.
NSFW content.]

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"I’m glad. Long day?"

"Very. Gavroche won’t do his summer reading, Maddy’s been a huge brat all day.."



He gently massaged her back. “Maybe this’ll help.”

"Perhaps," She sighed softly, closing her eyes. "Feels nice."



"You don’t have to sleep. You can lay with me."

She was reluctant, but finally she crawled into the bed, laying down. “I’m totally restless tonight.”




"It’s late. Why don’t you come to bed?"

"Not very tired."


Peeta had missed his wife more than words could say and as she stands he holds himself steady trying by all means to keep it together in front of the suits but he can’t, not after everything. After a step or two he rushes to her, his arms shooting out to wrap around her thin waist and pull her against him. 

"Am.." he whispers once more this time against the top of her head, 

"You are so thin…" he mumbles pulling back to look at her. 

Amity was trying so hard not to cry. She couldn’t believe Snow had relented and let her see Peeta, even if only for a little while. He had not been so generous with her lately. She hugged him close, pressing kisses to his cheeks. She wasn’t going to stop her tears now.

"I don’t notice," She admitted sheepishly. "It’s not like I can focus on eating when I have to focus on my family. How are the boys?"


Peeta had been through hell and back in the last few months, everything he had worked so hard to protect had fallen apart in the blink of an eye and he was recoiling wasn’t sure what to do anymore. His wife had been first, the very person he had fought to protect and now, now the capitol had both his children and his wife.

They had approached him, told her he could see her under heavy guard if only for a little while, for too little really.

Peeta was nervous and when they lead him to her holding cell she had no words, none. She looked like his Am but at the same time… “Amity…” 

Amity watched the ornate clock on the fireplace mantle tick away, the small black hand peeling away one second after another. Peeta would be here soon, he’d be in the same room as her for the first time in months.

When the door opened and he stepped through, she did her best not to shoot up out of her seat.

He looked as good as always, stoic even. He was good at that. “…Peeta.” She finally stood, legs shaky. “Peeta I—you…you look good…”

Amity was incredibly nervous. Why, though? She was married to this man, had seen him at his worst and his very best. Peeta Mellark was not a mystery to her and yet she still felt her hands go clammy at the thought of him appearing in front of her. It had been months and she missed him terribly, missed her sons and the life they built together.

Fingers raked through her now blonde hair, a suggestion from her stylist that came every other week to improve her wardrobe, you know, make it look less like she was from District 5 and as though she were a natural born Capitol citizen. She was frail, but what did that mean to anyone? Everyone else made themselves thin. Thin was in. She felt less like a mother and more like a child, more than she ever had. Would Peeta still love her like this?

Peacekeepers stood outside of the state room, so finely decorated yet heavily protected. She was only supposed to see him for a little while, until he was inevitably dragged away and they were kept apart for months again. She would savor it. She had to. She had nothing left.

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Open RP



"Work a little bit longer then take a break. Then we can relax."

"But now I’m looking forward to it, and suddenly I’m hungry, and now I have other things on my to-do list…"