Amity Brill

Amity Brill. 22.
I suppose you can say I used to be a caged bird.
But aren't freed birds supposed to fly away?
I haven't quite found out how to do that.

For all of its uncertainty, we cannot flee the future.
-Barbara Jordan

Note: This blog used to be for Amity Brill, District 5 victor of the Hunger Games. Some threads and verses will still remain and if you'd like to interact with Hunger Games Amity just say so.

[RP purposes only, I'm not Emma Stone or associated with her.
Open role play, multi-verse.
NSFW content.]

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"Courfeyrac. Come here."

Amity looked impatient for some reason. Her whole demeanor had changed in a short amount of time. Who knew what she wanted to talk about?

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