Amity Brill

Amity Brill. 22.
I suppose you can say I used to be a caged bird.
But aren't freed birds supposed to fly away?
I haven't quite found out how to do that.

For all of its uncertainty, we cannot flee the future.
-Barbara Jordan

Note: This blog used to be for Amity Brill, District 5 victor of the Hunger Games. Some threads and verses will still remain and if you'd like to interact with Hunger Games Amity just say so.

[RP purposes only, I'm not Emma Stone or associated with her.
Open role play, multi-verse.
NSFW content.]

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Amity & Courfeyrac

A night of wedding-like activities had caused both of them to eventually drift off into heavy sleep. In the morning, the children were still not back, and Amity wanted to do something special for her new husband. Breakfast on the balcony it was! With the little table in between the chairs that looked out into the city, it was small, but it was kind of cute, too.

"….there’s food on the table outside, wake uppp.." She nudged him gently.

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    She got herself comfortable, which was easy to do as she was quite tiny, and was able to drift off against him in no...
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    amity—brill: Courfeyrac held Amity to his chest, stroking her hair as he closed his eyes.